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SMIF Reticle Pod Loader/Unloader (HT-SRPS-150)
HT-SRPS-150 is a SMIF Reticle Pod indexer for 6 inch SMIF Reticle Pod used in semiconductor FAB. line. Operator can open and close the pod cassette cover independantly with this HT-SRPS-150.
Key Features
  • Operates with single or multi (6) reticle cassettes.

  • SMIF Reticle Pod Loader/Unloader mounts directly into the process tool.

  • DC Servo control with position feedback provides high-speed wafer indexing with minimal impact on tool cycle
  • Time ensuring positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm

  • Quick disconnect cabling and mounting for easy maintenance.

  • Load ports meet SEMI E15 and E19 specifications; HT-SRPS-150 also meets SEMI S2 and S8.
Performance Specifications
Dimension230(W) x 400(D) x 400(H)
Cassette Type150mm Wafer SMIF SEMI Standard Open Cassette
Reticle Size6-Inches
ComplianceSEMI Standard
Mounting InterfaceSEMI E63 BOX Opener
Operating Temp.0℃~50℃
Cycle Time≤24 Sec (Loading & Unloading)
Position Accuracy330mm ±0.1mm
Power RequirementAC 110V~220V
ApprovalCE, UL

Option : Communication(RS23C)